Valeria Emiliani Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

If you like watching thriller shows, then you might be familiar with Valeria Emiliani. She is a young Colombian pop singer who made her way into the industry with her acting skills. Her real name is Valeria Henriquez in her documents. You can get all the details like Valeria Emiliani’s height, weight, net worth, age, birthday, and wiki in the article below. This article will help you gain all the information if you are a new fan who recently got fond of her because of her work.

Valeria Emiliani Biography


The multi-talented actress and pop singer, Valeria is known for working in many television series and movies. Her recent work “The Marked Heart” gained so much popularity and was loved by her fans and critics too. She started at a very young age and made her place in the industry because of her talent. The actress has worked with big names in the industry. She is into music as well and has sung some singles too.


Valeria Emiliani is a young Colombian actress, model, and singer. She was born in Bogota, Colombia. Her real name is Valeria Henriquez but she is known as Valeria Emiliani in the film industry. Valeria made her debut back in 2014 in “The Corner of the Devil.” The actress has not disclosed any details regarding her parents yet. She has been working in the industry for 8 years now and has made her place.

Emiliani completed her studies in Bogota and went to a well-known university. She joined a musical group at her university and graduated with a major in art and music. This clearly shows that Valeria was a creative soul from the beginning and that is where her journey as a singer began. She is also considered the richest pop singer of Colombia to date. Hence she is an inspiration for all the young boys and girls who want to achieve something in life.

Personal Life


Valeria Emiilliani, a multi-talented actress, singer, model, and now a social media celebrity has kept her personal and professional life separate. She has not declared her relationship status which makes it obvious that she might be single. However, the pop singer is seen with the famous soccer player Sergi Canos Tenes. He is 25 years old and plays for Brentford

Football Club

Valeria and Sergi post their pictures with each other and are seen together at important events too. They might be dating each other but there is no official statement yet. Moreover, the actress’s Instagram account has lots of pictures of her with dogs which means that she is a dog lover. The pictures with the dogs are the most adorable thing you will see on her official account. The fans still await for the young actress to declare her relationship status.


After being loved and appreciated for her acting and vocal skills, the actress is now seen in many modeling projects too. She is 170 cm or 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Valeria has attractive features which make her ideal for modeling. As she works in the industry, she has maintained her figure well. This was a plus point and was one of the reasons she paved her way into the modeling industry as well.




Valeria Henriquez or Valeria Emilliani weighs 52 kg. She has maintained her body shape well. The audience has been witnessing her since she was twenty and there is no such difference in her weight. She impressed people with her singing and acting skills at such a young age. There are reports that claim her to be the most famous actress and singer in her twenties.

Age and Birthday

The richest pop singer of Colombia, Valeria Emiliani is 28 years old. She cuts her birthday cake on the 4th of February every year. Valeria was born in Bogota in 1994 and was raised by her guardians. She started working in 2014 when she was 20 years old. The actress and singer have also done many theater plays which might be the reason she grabbed many people’s attention.

Net Worth

As Valeria Emiliani has been working for a very long time, she now has an approximate net worth of $4 to $5 million dollars. She has done many theater plays and television series. Her recent contracts with many famous modeling agencies are proof that she is the richest and most famous singer in Colombia. She has done many projects for skincare and fashion brands. Big names like Puma associated themselves with the young actress and a model.

People already know her famous projects like “The Market Heart” and “Always A Witch” etc. All of these television series along with some famous songs and theater are her remarkable work. These are all great sources of income that added to her wealth. She also travels for music and events all around the world. Valeria has gained popularity for her fashion content too. She has 340,000 Instagram followers on her official account.

Her Instagram feed has some fashion and makeup-related content too. She likes sharing pictures from her shoots. Pictures with her co-stars during the shooting are also posted by the actress on her feed. She has been working for eight years now and has made her way in almost everything. Hence she is considered an entertainer and an all-rounder.



Hence all the information related to the multi-talented actress and singer Valeria Emiliani’s height, weight, net worth, age, birthday, and wiki is given in the article. She is a young and attractive singer, actress, and model who belongs to Colombia. Valeria has performed with some big names in famous television series. She is also the richest pop singer in her own country. I hope this article had all the interesting information you were looking for as a Valeria Emiliani fan.