6 Funny Holiday Gift Ideas & Presents for Dads 2023

The holidays are here and we hope you all bought some presents for your loved ones. The holidays usually bring long lines and crowds everywhere so whenever you are buying gifts you should do it in advance. If for some reason you haven’t and you are looking for some last-minute gift ideas this article is right for you.

We know that buying presents can be stressful over time and we know that Christmas and the coming holidays are always full of stress so we want to create this list of the best funny gift ideas for your fathers. This will alleviate some of the search and time waste, alleviate stress and make this experience great as it is supposed to be.

We all know what our loved ones like and according to that we try to buy them presents. Sometimes we go with useful gifts, and sometimes we decided to go the other way, the funny way. This is where we shine and if your dad loves jokes then he will love dad joke shirts. Check them out and see if you can find something that fits your dads’ personality and size.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this list and see what we can come up with besides joke shirts for your dad.

1. Apron

Source: bestproducts.com

Now we all know that dads love to grill and cook. Well, most of them do. If your dad loves this then an awesome gift would be a pair of prongs or a new long grill fork, a new grill probably or something in between. But a really fun gift that would knock him off his feet and make his stomach hurt is those aprons that have male or female body parts on them.

You can now get them in any skin colour, with bush or no bush, with stuff hanging off of them. The limits are hard to imagine since the first iteration of these funny aprons hit the market. Now they are made in plenty of different ways and 90% of them will make your dad pee himself from laughing.

2. Unnecessary items

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These can be both funny and misunderstood. What you need to do here is think of something your dad isn’t doing or hasn’t done in ages and get him the item or a thing that is made specifically for that activity. A funny thing that can serve you as a pointer is getting your dad an umbrella if you live in a region where it doesn’t rain or rains a little bit every year.

Or if you live in warmer places you can go for a handmade or even specially ordered with stitching or similar, mittens, a winter cap or even a pair of skis or a snowboard. Again, the limit here is your imagination and your dads’ sense of humour, so go at it with care.

3. Custom Clothing

Source: insider.com

This goes well with any funny gift idea. There is nothing more that a dad loves than a pair of custom clothing. If they like undershirts and wear them then go for that. Find something funny, a quote and imagine a picture of himself doing something that made everyone laugh and put it on.

The next thing is to go for socks or underwear with special messages like “open in case of emergency” on underwear or “don’t take off if your life isn’t in threat” for socks. You know something like that that is both witty and funny. Something that he will appreciate or that will make him laugh hard.

4. Hats/masks

Source: insider.com

Depending on what your dad loves or doesn’t love get him that with a twist. My father loves hats and wears them almost always. What we decided to do one Christmas is go get him the biggest PIMP that there is but the twist was that it was bigger than his head and whenever he tried to put it on it covered his head and more than half of his face. He loved it so much that he still has it hanging on the bedroom wall because that is the only place that can wear that hat.

To this day he does that little PIMP hand move when he sees us checking out the hat when it is near Christmas. You can do the same or completely the opposite with your dad and you can include a mask, especially if he is terrified of something, make sure you get him that just to see his face.

5. Gift cards

Source: thewaystowealth.com

These are always great presents for anyone but if you are trying to make these funny then you can get a gift card for something your dad can’t do, but wants because it is important to make them use those cards and see them use those. I know a friend whose father loves golf but can’t play it for the love of it. It is like a man has some sort of a block when he needs to hit that ball.

The point here is that he didn’t get embarrassed because he can’t play the point was to go there with his dad and have fun or make fun of each other along the way. According to him, it was the longest 18-hole game with the most tears they had in a while. They drank a bit and had fun and giggles along the way.

6. Private Message

Source: theknot.com

There is nothing else a dad loves than a massager especially if they work hard all year. To make this funny go to a saloon that is famous for its massages and that has pretty ladies working there. try to talk to the owner and get a massage coupon but make sure that they have a male-only masseur for your dad and wait for them outside the parlour afterwards to see their reaction. Make sure you tip the masseur for not the gentle massage your dad was expecting.

I know most of you will frown upon some of our ideas but if you want a funny gift and present then sometimes you need to go a little further than you would usually do. Especially if you and your father have a history of pranking each other then you know that you need to up your game every year.

Where there is a good and healthy sense of humour there are no frown faces and bad relations. Goa ta it and go to the limit you feel comfortable with. Have a nice holiday and we hope you find the best funny gift idea right here.